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At sitterLUV, we work hard for all our nannies and you can benefit a lot from listing on our platform:

We Bring Babysitting Jobs To You, Directly

You need not worry when and where your next babysitting job will come from.

Your Profile Is Your Marketing Tool

A strong profile with high ratings and reviews increases your chances in securing your next babysitting job.

Increase Your Value

The stronger your profile and branding are, the higher you can command on your babysitting rate.

Keep 100% Of Your Earnings

The sitterLUV Babysitting Platform Is FREE To Use

The sitterLUV babysitting platform is designed to help you to find babysitting job and is absolute FREE to use!


There is no signup fee, commission fee or hidden fee.


You get to keep 100% of your earnings, guaranteed!

Parents Are Already On Our Platform Looking For Babysitting Services

Offer Your Babysitting Services To Parents Who Are Already On Our Platform

Parents all over Malaysia & Singapore have already signed up with the platform and are actively looking for nannies to care for their children.


Join the platform now and get job offers by interested parents!

How It Works?

It's Simple, Fast & Easy!

Getting hired by parents to care for their children is simple, fast and easy with sitterLUV.

Step #1

Sign Up With sitterLUV

Fill in and submit the completed form.

Step #2

Verify Your Identity

Complete the identity verification process to have your identity verified.

Step #3

Background Check

Wait for your background check to be completed.

Step #4

Get Matched With The Right Parents

Based on the info submitted earlier, you will be matched with the right parents.

Step #5

Interview & Accept Job Offer

Arrange a suitable time and day for the interview at your house and accept the job if it meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your platform FREE to use?

​Yes, our platform is absolutely FREE for home-based nannies:


  • Signing up on the platform is FREE;

  • Maintaining a profile on the platform is Free; and

  • Accepting interviews and babysitting jobs from parents through the platform is Free!


If your platform is FREE to use, do I get to keep 100% of my earnings?

​Our platform is really FREE and yes, you get to keep 100% of your earnings.

There is no sign-up fee, no commission fee and no hidden fee.

How does your platform help me look for a babysitting job?

Over hundreds of parents have already signed up with our platform.

If you are on our platform as a verified nanny, we will automatically help match you with interested parents eagerly looking for nannies to care for their children.

How do I receive my monthly salary?

​Parents who hire you to care for their children will pay a monthly salary to you directly, either by cash or direct bank-in into your bank account.


The platform does not collect monthly salary on your behalf.


Does your platform determine my babysitting rate?

​The platform does not determine your babysitting rate. You are free to set your own monthly and overtime rate.

Why should I have my identity verified?

This is to ensure your profile is genuine, as only genuine profiles are allowed on our platform to ensure safety.

Do I have to go through an interview session when I sign up with your platform?

Yes. Upon verification of your identity, we will schedule an interview session with you to get to know you better.

Why can’t I post children pictures on your platform?

We are committed to protect the privacy of children and to keep children safe. Posting pictures of children online could potentially put children in harm’s way. Hence, any pictures of children posted on our platform will be removed.


For more information, please review our Child Protection Policy.

Join Malaysia's SAFEST Babysitting Platform Now!

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