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sitterLUV is founded on a simple yet important principle — solving critical issues that will leave a positive and sustainable impact on individuals, families, communities and society.


With this principle, we at sitterLUV envision a world where every child has the right to grow and learn in a safe, loving and caring environment.

Sadly, that is not the case and many children suffer in silence under abusive nannies and babysitters.

One of the many factors that contribute to this lie in nannies and babysitters themselves — many are incompetent and lack the required knowledge and skill sets.

We believe the answer to these issues is to address them simultaneously:

Clearing Out Abusive Nannies

Through Strict Listing Procedure

A child’s safety is our number one priority. That is why over 90% of applicants don’t make the cut. Our strict vetting system ensure only the most qualified nannies are accessible to parents on our platform. We do not compromise when it comes to a child’s safety.


We also employ the use of highly advanced safety features in our app (currently under development) for the added safety that parents can rely on.

Equipping Nannies With

Knowledge, Skills & Competency

We will engage and work closely with relevant government agencies, NGOs, top academic thinkers, professionals and experienced nannies to organise training, courses, seminars and lectures for nannies to improve their knowledge, skills and competency.

In addition to that, our app (currently in development) is designed with features that will help genuine and hardworking nannies to advance in their babysitting career.

sitterLUV is committed to making a positive change in the childcare industry, which will provide parents with peace of mind, by minimising the risk of child abuse by nannies.


Keeping Children Safe

From Abuse

Our strict vetting system is designed to make it hard for babysitters to be listed on our platform. 90% of applicants get rejected; hence only the most qualified make the cut. All these are necessary to keep your child safe while you are away at work.

Career Advancement Plan

For Babysitters

We have specifically designed our platform with the babysitter in mind. Those who take their babysitting profession seriously will be rewarded with an exciting career through our platform. A babysitter who is rewarded for her professionalism is good for your children and the childcare industry.

Quality Childcare At

International Standard

The childcare industry deserves the same attention, if not more, as education does, as the first five years of a child’s development is critical and will have a significant impact on the child's life, later on. We aim to be the catalyst in shaking up the childcare industry to ensure quality childcare is provided to every child.

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